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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ceros Capital Markets?
    We are a division of Ceros Financial Services, member FINRA, SIPC that specializes in raising money for medical device and robotics companies.
  • How do I get started?
    Click here » to gain access to Ceros Capital Markets..
  • How do I know if I’m accredited?
    Broadly speaking, to be an accredited investor, you must have a net worth (excluding your primary residence) of over $1 million—either alone or with a spouse. Or you must have income exceeding $200,000 over each of the last two years ($300,000 with a spouse), along with a reasonable expectation that you will earn the same amount during the current year. There are other qualifiers, Click here » for more specifics..
  • Why do I have to be accredited?
    You generally must be an "accredited investor" to invest in a private placement..
  • What do you mean by medical “robotics”?
    The first medical robotic system was approved by the FDA in 2000 (da Vinci Surgical System)and paved the way for robotic advancements in healthcare. Medical robotics now provide cutting edge therapies and diagnostics and are transforming the face of healthcare. Robotics are now involved in many areas including surgeries, rehabilitation, prostheses, endoscopies, and even disinfecting hospitals and helping prevent infection to the medical staff..
  • Who is Chris Dewey?
  • How does Chris Dewey know Dr. Maurice Ferre?
    Chris first came to know Dr. Ferre when he was an early investor and board member of a company called Z-KAT Inc. As Chris describes, “We were on the search for a new CEO as the company needed leadership and vision; Maurice provided both. Together Maurice and I pitched two of my former colleagues and friends, David Tepper and David Matlin, the three of us invested into a raise of 4mm. In 2004, MAKO Surgical was founded by key members of predecessor Z-KAT, Mako went public in 2008 and the Firm was sold to Stryker, SYK, in 2013 for 1.65B.
  • Who is Dr. Maurice Ferre?
  • How does Chris Dewey know Dr. Fred Moll?
    Known to some as the “Father of Robotic Surgery”, Dr. Moll was a board member of Mako Surgical until its sale in 2013. As Chris describes, “Our shared interest led us to invest together and serve on Boards for a number of interesting and successful companies, including: Auris Surgical Robots, (now Auris Health). Co-founded by Dr Fred Moll in 2007, Auris developed a diagnostic tool that uses robotic-assisted endoscopy. Its application in the earlier and more accurate diagnosis of lung cancer was approved by the FDA in 2018, Auris was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2019 for 5.7B. ShockWave Medical Inc. Dr. Fred Moll and I were early investors, both serving on the Board, Fred as Chairman. ShockWave is now a medical device public company focused on developing and commercializing products intended to transform the way calcified cardiovascular disease is treated. Shockwave trades under the symbol SWAV. Cephea Valve Technologies, a mitral heart valve company in which we were investors in the original round of less than 12mm. Cephea was acquired by Abbott in 2019. PROCEPT BioRobotics. A private company for which we participated in the first round of financing. Dr Fred Moll is currently on the Board of Directors.
  • Who is Dr. Fred Moll?
  • How soon can I invest?
    For access to available offerings, Click here »
  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount required to invest?
    Private placements typically have minimum investments of at least $25,000. The minimum amount for any deal is specified in the Private Placement Memorandum or Offering Memorandum. Click here » to learn more.
  • What are the risks?
    Most if not all investments in Private Placements are illiquid, and many such investments are speculative in nature. Investing in a Private Placement can result in a significant risk of loss of principal. Risk factors for each offering are listed in the Private Placement Memorandum; be sure to read this in its entirety before investing.
  • What if I have questions?
    We would be happy to answer your questions, please fill out the contact form below to request a phone call with a Ceros Capital Markets representative.

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